Boulder Commons sets a new bar for sustainability, transforming the way we think about how buildings and communities are designed. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems will advance the latest technologies for net zero development with a high-efficiency system that can control the building within the energy budget. It’s not as easy as traditional development models, but we think it’s important. And our tenants share the belief that how we act as a company matters, right down to our direct environmental impact on the world around us.

Net zero annual energy use

Net Zero is a concept that is easier to understand than it is to implement. Essentially it means that we generate as much power as we consume, so our energy footprint is as small as it can possibly be. By implementing cutting-edge technology and a host of sustainable features throughout the interior and exterior, the two buildings (with the exception of the restaurant) effectively generate as much energy as they consume.

Solar roof and solar
wall on east facade

The building’s unique location allowed us to greatly increase solar energy generation by converting the entire eastern facade to solar panels. The roof uses a cutting edge, angled mounting design to further optimize the efficiency of our photovoltaic cells.

Variable Refrigerant
Volume HVAC system

Our HVAC system allows the buildings to respond to the actual unit needs rather than conditioning the climate on a full building scale, gaining efficiency and reducing power consumption.

tenant participation
in energy goals

Tenants will be given the opportunity to expand their knowledge in sustainable practices on a day-to-day basis. Through incentives and friendly competition, as well as involvement in shared community goals, tenants can assist in further reducing the plug loads in the buildings.

tight building

The roof, walls and foundation used to construct Boulder Commons create a tight building envelope, protecting the interior from outdoor elements. The construction supports energy efficiency and benefits tenant health.

Mobility Hub

At Boulder Commons, alternative transportation is readily available. The mobility hub offers underground parking spaces, car shares, free bike rentals, permanent bike parking and rideshare opportunities all in one place, for exclusive tenant use. 

car share

A minimum of three car share spaces will be provided for tenant use. As utilization rates increase, additional spaces will be added.

potential hov

Boulder Commons will offer a reduced parking cost for tenants that participate in carpool programs.

bike share

There will be a complimentary bike share program available to all tenants along with short- and long-term bike storage.

Central Location

This project will add life to the up and coming Boulder Junction area, which offers an exciting new space, apart from downtown that will support a modern, urban environment for the creative companies and residents of Boulder.

Car Charging Stations

The underground parking garage will be fully wired with four initial spaces to charge electric vehicles. The garage is designed so that all spaces can be wired for electric vehicles as demand increases.

Window Technology

Triple glazed windows throughout the project and thermochromic windows in key locations will reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.