Development team

Development Team

The development team consists of a group of talented individuals and companies from across the United States who have come together to collaborate on the Boulder Commons project.

Below, you can find detailed descriptions for the key team members who have helped bring our amazing collection of uncommon features and amenities to life!

Morgan Creek Ventures

Morgan Creek Ventures

Morgan Creek Ventures is the developer for The Commons. Morgan Creek Ventures is a real estate development and consulting group based in Boulder, Colorado. As a boutique firm, they strategically pursue long-term investments that encourage smart growth. They are in the business of developing spaces that feature inspiring, sustainable design, enduring quality and lasting values. Morgan Creek Ventures believes real estate development must be both strategic and creative. Their investment strategy is based on a disciplined, long-term investment approach. The goal at Morgan Creek Ventures is to convey how sustainable development, created with rigorous standards and a focus on design, can improve communities and spaces.

Coburn Architecture

As the lead architects working on The Commons they have integrated “green” knowledge that allows this project to have a holistic union of sustainability and unique design. They have consistently pioneered environmentally sound methods since their founding in 1985. Coburn is committed to making great places; designing health, responsibility, and energy efficiency into their architecture from the beginning.

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Integral Group has incorporated their whole-systems approach to buildings and communities into The Commons project. As sustainability consultants they focus on health and wellness, comfort and district-scale planning to reduce our use of resources like energy, water and materials. Integral Group draws from extensive experience on LEED Platinum, Net Zero and Net Positive Energy projects.

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Sustainability Architects, EHDD, create built environments that advance our understanding, stimulate our senses and respect our surroundings. Using landscape and climate as inspiration they are pioneering new ideas in sustainability. Environmentalism drives their work, but so does the understanding that people enjoy living, working and learning in spaces that are in tune with nature. EHDD’s commitment has been recognized with the prestigious AIA (American Institute of Architects) National Firm of the Year award. They are proud leaders of a movement that is creating a better future, today.

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Huntsman Architectural Group

Huntsman Architectural Group is defining how the workplace is being designed by creating meaningful spaces through collaborative design. Specializing in workplace planning and sustainable design, Huntsman uses a collaborative approach that results in inspiring spaces that create a sense of place. They leverage their extensive experience for every workplace project in order to design spaces that go beyond meeting the user’s practical requirements and operational needs. So, while they understand the goal is to get people to work effectively in the office, they see the ultimate success is for the office to work effectively for the people.

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GLS Architecture

GLS is focused on the design of contemporary landscapes, which they understand to be fundamentally intertwined with architecture, urban infrastructure and natural systems. GLS designs places of simplicity and spacial clarity, typically with complex site planning issues, a connection to nature and often with an architectural competent. They work closely with clients to give meaningful form to their aspirations by integrating interior and exterior spaces and materials, reinforcing spacial ideas through horticulture design, and solving problems associated with difficult sites and new ecologies.

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Independent Power Systems: For over two decades our professional team has been designing and installing economical, aesthetically pleasing and self-sustaining renewable energy systems for residential and commercial customers. We use SunPower panels, the most powerful solar panels on the market. Our installations are top-quality. Our long-lasting warranty is proof of our confidence in our services. Our designs and installations are done by in-house engineers, licensed electricians and certified installers. We are deeply committed to helping our local – and broader – communities achieve energy independence by freeing us from the expense and environmental impact of fossil fuels. For a free Feasibility Study to see if solar is a good fit for you:

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