Common area/courtyard

The two buildings at The Boulder Commons will be connected by innovative interior and exterior spaces and public areas that allow tenants and neighborhood residents to connect, relax, and thrive. Courtyards, decks, a coffee shop, and even artwork from area artists will all create unique spaces to gather and interact.

Meeting spaces

From the outdoor plaza to the lobby lounge, Boulder Commons offers a variety of meeting spaces to tenants. Grab a cup coffee at the coffee shop, meet a friend for lunch at the restaurant or enjoy the outdoors in a variety of comfortable public spaces. In addition, the lobby lounge can be arranged “classroom style” for company training or used for all-hands meetings.

Reserve a meeting space

Mobility HUb & parking

At the center of Boulder Commons, tenants benefit from a mobility hub that offers dedicated underground parking, permanent bike parking and a fleet of community bikes in the Plaza for the exclusive use of tenants. In addition, our car share program, located underneath the plaza, allows tenants to rent vehicles on an as-needed basis via a mobile app. Finally, individual companies can organize Rideshare vans or participate using our online links.


The South Building will feature a first-floor restaurant overlooking Goose Creek bike path. With indoor and outdoor seating offering views of the Flatirons, the restaurant at Boulder Commons will be a great new place to grab a bite to eat in Boulder. The restaurant is available to serve lunch and dinner and maybe even breakfast.

coffee shop

A unique coffee shop on the ground floor will offer a gathering environment that is part public coffee shop and part private club, where tenants can hang out to work, meet over coffee, or access a private area for small meetings and even events.

Maximized daylight

Maximizing daylight is one of the primary design strategies for Boulder Commons, providing energy benefits and lighting character. The narrow building footprint and standalone design, surrounded by open plaza areas, allows for windows on every wall to capitalize on solar energy and unobstructed daylight.

Goose Creek trail

The bike and pedestrian-friendly Goose Creek path runs along the southern edge of the property connecting Boulder Commons to neighborhood amenities. And if you’re heading out for a lunch-time ride, the Goose Creek trail easily connects to the rest of the Boulder Valley trail system with miles of paved and gravel routes.

net zero footprint

Creating a true, net zero consumption building involves not only minimizing energy consumption, but producing energy as well. At Boulder Commons, the majority of roof surfaces are covered in solar panels. Our goal is to balance energy production and consumption in a way that is truly unique, even in a forward thinking community like Boulder. In fact, excluding the restaurant, we believe Boulder Commons will hit the target of true net zero energy production—a first for Boulder County.

Open floor plans

Boulder Commons offers large open floor plans up to 18,000 square feet, designed to provide options perfectly tailored to your unique needs.


At Boulder Commons, you’ll be at the new creative center of our community. The prime location makes any type of travel convenient.